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As a locticin and hairstylist my vision is to cater to  people of every race , color, creed and religion.  Whether you need a full day of relaxation, a completely new hairstyle or a quick consultation you'll find it here. I cater to all occasion, My specialty is Dreadlocks and natural hair care. Check out my services, and call me to make an appointment today!
Customers Satisfaction Is My Top Priority.     Check me out today.

My name is Lisa mulzac, I am a license  loctician  and hairstylist with over twenty years of experience.  I am  among the most skilled, talented and experienced in the industry.   My goal is to pamper you from head  to toe brining out all  of your natural beauty.   As a hair stylist  I am  hear to  not just do your hair,  but also lend a ear, or say a pray when needed, so check out my service, and call for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment. God richly blessings on you all. Lisa Mulzac

My name is Lisa Mulzac, I am a skilled and talented license loctician and hairstylist with over 24 years of exprience. I am specialize in all types of hair and hairstyles.  My love for hair started back in Trinidad when I was  very young ,  My brother had dreadlocks so I use to twist his hair and style it, in doing so people will always compliment him about his hair and ask him who did it and will like to get theirs done, eventually my clients started to grow stronger and bigger, soon after I became the dread loctician in my neighborhood . My husband Matthew was and still is my assistant, we also started to do dreadlocks extension using wool in my cousin  Letesha hair, also my sister in- law mary-anne hair, they later became our bill board and people would come from all over to get theirs done.  I later went on to beauty school where I obtained my various license in natural hair care and hair styling for all hair texture.  This is my dream and my passion, I love doing hair, I take pride in my work, and strive to do my very best to please all my customers. Customers Satisfaction Is My Top Priority. My clientele is base on both male and female, young and old,  90% of my clientele is dreadlocks, the other 10% is combined with weaves, short cuts, dry-curls etc... I cater to all race, creed color and religion. Check out my services and call for a free consultation or appointment. God bless Lisa.

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Dreadlocks By Lisa Mulzac. Locs/Natural Hair Care  Specialist For All Your Natural Needs

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