Dreadlocks Repairs, For Badly Damage Dreadlocks

Damage dreadlocks are very frustrating, but with the right loctician with experience, you don't have to worry. I'm specialize in dreadlocks repairs for all badly damage dreadlocks. I do attachment, filling, mending etc; for all damage dreadlocks. paragraph. Whatever your dreadlocks needs are feel free to contact me for a free consultation and evaluation.

Services 1.Damage dreadlocks before repairs


This is a dreadlocks that was badly damage . This is a before picture of a client with damage dreadlocks.

Services 2. Damage dreadlocks after being repaired , by Lisa Mulzac


This is the after effect of the above damage dreadlocks that was repaired.

Services 3. Dreadlocks Repairs Completed, By Lisa Mulzac


This is the completed effect of the above mention Dreadlocks that was badly  damage, and has now been repaired.


Dreadlocks By Lisa Mulzac. Locs/Natural Hair Care  Specialist For All Your Natural Needs


​There's a saying that goes "you can't just let anyone put their hands in your hair". I believe in that which is why I drive from Westchester to Brooklyn to see Lisa. I've been going to Lisa for many years so I am qualified to say that Lisa is an outstanding skillfull professional with a personality to match. Lisa is definitely capable of taking care of any hair concerns that one may have. Lisa, keep shining your light! One Love, Adrian.


Dreadlocks By , Lisa Muzac

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